Alice had no idea that she was being watched, but she was thinking about it. It was exciting to her, thinking about someone seeing her dressed in only the briefest of bikini bottoms. She fantasized being on the beach being watched. In her fantasy she slept and in her sleep, her legs parted slightly. She smiled to herself as she parted her legs slightly. The fantasy she was engaged in caused her to slowly move her hips in a circular motion in response to the tingling pressure of arousal she felt in her groin.

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Alan breathed in sharply. Geesh, he thought, it's almost looks like Alice knew he was there and was putting on a show. That thought made him even hornier. He slowed down the movement of his hand on his cock. He wanted to savor the experience without coming too quick. Alice raised her head to look around. He stopped stroking, afraid to make the slightest noise. But the sight her nipple made him start rubbing himself again. The darker skin of her nipple was in sharp contrast to the lighter skin of her breast. The most exciting thing to Alan was that the nipple was swollen. He started to think that maybe Alice was turned on. He would have given anything to know what was going on in her mind. She was enjoying the free ranging fantasy in her mind. She had raised up and glanced down. There was no guessing on her part, she knew she was aroused and that the swollen hardness of her nipples were a direct result. The slight breeze blowing across her nipple stimulated her even more. In her fantasy she was no longer innocent in her exposure to the eyes of strangers. She was putting on a show. She was teasing the men who watched her. She spread her legs even further apart until her ankles were a couple of feet apart. She thought about the hair she had seen in the mirror and wondered what it would look like to someone behind her. She reached back and trailed a finger between her legs along the edge of the bathing suit. She could feel the silky hair that crept from beneath the suit. She smiled at the thought of what it must look like. When she spread her legs wider, Alan almost came. He stared intently between her legs and could see the dark hair that the suit could not hide. It curled from underneath in swirls that disappeared high up between her cheeks. He wondered for a second if she had any idea what it looked like and then, Alice; sweet, shy, innocent, sexy Alice; reached back and felt herself. It was all he could do to remove his hand from his twitching cock, but he had to in order to keep from coming. The only person more surprised at Alice's actions than Alan was Alice herself. She was real excited by now. She knew that if she were to touch herself, she would be wet. How exciting it would be to be somewhere where she was a complete stranger to everybody and do this for real. She wondered how women could wear such revealing bathing suits and not be in a constant state of arousal. Especially those thongs that consisted of nothing more in the back than a strip of fabric so narrow it was lost in the cracks of the ladies that wore them. Would she ever have the courage to wear such a garment? She looked around, and confidant that no one could see her, she pulled the bottom of her bathing suit between her cheeks. She clenched her buttocks at the unusual way it felt, stimulating in a new and exciting way. Alan knew he wouldn't last for long. He could sense an orgasm growing and knew that with only a minimal amount of manual stimulation he would be coming.